The Association provides in its statuses the development of the following activities:

atividade1 To promote and improve private companies’ management: Social Economy Organizations, foundations, national associations and other public- or private-law bodies;
atividade1 To promote the preparation of studies that allow a greater knowledge of reality in association’s intervention areas and identification of needs to build action plans tailored to different situations;
atividade1 To support the introduction of Management Systems and New Technologies in organizations, aiming to increase results through a greater efficiency and effectiveness in processes;
atividade1 To support internationalization, promoting the elaboration of studies and encouraging actions to stimulate the exploration of new markets, to make national businesses more and more competitive;
atividade1 To promote professional and scholar training, to encourage knowledge update and stimulate the human resources qualification;
atividade1 To encourage and support the dissemination of Good Practices, for knowledge and experience sharing;
atividade1 To promote Social Responsibility practices in organizations, for the improvement of living conditions in a democratic society, as well as the inclusion of Gender Equality Plans in organizational dynamics;
To carry out conferences, colloquiums, courses or any other events that may contribute to the accomplishment of association’s goals and for the exchange of experiences and good practices;
To represent and to defend the collective interests of its associates from public and private, national and international entities.