To give the best answer to its mission and objectives and to offer a diversified set of services to its members, AMOG operates in the following areas:

Public Relations


Disclosure of information regarding projects and activities of the association and organization of events. It also looks for interesting partnerships for the organization.



Promotion of applications to several types of financed projects and promotion of human resources qualification in the association, as well its members.

Promotion of Entrepreneurial Competitiveness


Support to the implementation of management systems and new technologies in the organizations, so they can improve organization’s competitiveness making its processes more efficient and effective.



Support the internationalization of the organizations, promoting the creation of studies and organizing actions to stimulate the exploration of new markets, to promote Portuguese brands as a quality stamp.

Social Responsibility


Promotion of practices and policies of social responsibility in the strategy of organizations, such as the integration of Gender Equality Plans in the organizational process of companies and institutions.