Sinergia project under the INTERREG SUDOE program.

Last Friday, November 6th the project  “Sinergia – Sinergias sectoriales para un desarrollo sostenible” was submitted to the INTERREG SUDOE program, this is a partnership between SARGA (Sociedad Aragonesa de Gestion Agroambiental Gobierno de Aragon), the F.A.CC. (Federación Asturiana de Concejos), the  Cámara Badajoz (Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Badajoz) the TAUSTE CGE (Tauste Centro Gestor de Estiercoles, S.L.), and AMOG. The Sinergia project is based on improving the protection and appreciation of the common natural and cultural estate (Portugal – Spain), in a logic of sustainable development and the promotion of tourism potential of natural areas.

INTERREG EUROPE 2nd call opening

INTERREG EUROPE cooperation program 2nd project call will be open from April 5th to May 12th 2016. These projects must establish the requirements and foundations needed to obtain inter-regional cooperation aids and involve at least three European countries, being designed in two distinct phases: a first one of inter-regional learning and a second one of action plan execution follow up.

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“AMOG Global” Joint Project

Last December the 30th AMOG submitted the SME Internationalization project application, AMOG Global, under the “Portugal 2020” agreement. AMOG Global Project has a 12 company structure, aiming for international SME presence promotion by creating strategic business

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AMOG wishes you Happy Holidays!

AMOG wishes to all a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of great business opportunities!

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